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摺疊 <div>President Tsai Ing-wen&nbsp;<span>(18)</span></div>
President Tsai Ing-wen (18)
摺疊 State visitsState visits
20170107 Ing-Jie Project(155)
20160624 Ing-Hsiang Project(53)
Inaugural activities, May 20, 2016. (23)
Meeting international guests (71)
Economy and trade (16)
Public service activities (12)
Culture and arts (3)
National Defense (5)
Diplomacy (122)
Indigenous peoples (9)
Finance (2)
Cross-strait issues (5)
Government and politics (12)
Medical care and health (3)
Women (2)
Industries (2)
Human rights (15)
Judicial reform (4)
National memorials
摺疊 <div>Vice President Chen Chien-jen&nbsp;<span>(7)</span></div>
Vice President Chen Chien-jen (7)
摺疊 State visits&nbsp;<span>(2)</span>State visits (2)
20160902 Saint's Peace Project(15)
20160813 Jen-Hsiang Project(34)
Healthcare (1)
Academic conferences (4)
Religion & Culture (6)
Public interest (3)
Human rights (1)
Government and politics
摺疊 <div>National decorations&nbsp;<span>(2)</span></div>
National decorations (2)
Civilian orders (21)
Military orders (11)
摺疊 <div>Architecture&nbsp;<span>(2)</span></div>
Architecture (2)
Presidential Office Building (28)
Taipei Guest House (61)
摺疊 <div>Art Gallery&nbsp;<span>(18)</span></div>
Art Gallery (18)
Crafting Stories, Thinking Crafts: An Exhibition (32)
Gather Around the Fireplace--An Exhibition of Enduring Crafts (49)
The Classic Craftsmanship of Formosa Taiwan Lifestyle Aesthetics Version (51)
The Classic Craftsmanship of Formosa Taiwan Decorative Aesthetics Version (58)
Pottery‧Blue and White Porcelain Collection – A Joint Exhibition of A-Sun WU and Paloma CHANG (81)
Craftsmanship with New Inspiration – Old Art and New Crafts (67)
A Dialogue on Pursuing Dreams and Achievement II (51)
A Dialogue on the Pursuit of Dreams and Achievement (48)
Complexity - Craft Art in Multiple Materials (50)
Simple and Multiple Crafts (47)
Exit-Discovering Taiwan Crafts Series II (50)
Entrance-Discovering Taiwan Crafts (53)
Craft in the New Era—Discovering Contemporary Creative Crafts in Taiwan (49)
Appreciating the Beauty of Innovative Craftsmanship─ Exhibition of Taiwan's Metal Design Arts (105)
Appreciating the Colorful Fine Arts ─ An Exhibition of Life Craft (58)
Glaze Burning ─ The Beauty of Ceramic Artworks (50)
Taiwan Crafts Exhibit (58)
The Past and the Future─ A Century of Taiwan's Fine Crafts (50)
摺疊 <div>Major activities&nbsp;<span>(1)</span></div>
Major activities (1)
摺疊 National DayNational Day
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President Tsai attends the Bloomberg's Taiwan Financial Summit 2016, where she describes the measures adopted by the...
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President Tsai poses for a photo with Taran Khera, Head of Sales for Bloomberg Asia-Pacific.
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